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Shapes (Circle, Rectangle, Polygon, etc.)

A number of basic shapes can be drawn using helper functions.

PHP VectorGraphics Shapes

rect(), roundedRect(), ellipse(), circle(), arc()


The rect() function draws a rectangle with the top-left corner at (x, y) and the specified width and height.

// rect(x, y, width, height)
$vg->rect(10, 10, 100, 100);

PHP VectorGraphics Rectangle Drawing

Rounded Rectangles

The roundedRect() function draws a rectangle with rounded corners. The radius parameter specifies the radius of the corners.

// roundedRect(x, y, width, height, radius)
$vg->roundedRect(10, 10, 100, 100, 10);

PHP VectorGraphics Rounded Rectangle Drawing


The circle() function draws a circle with the center at (x, y) and the specified radius.

// circle(x, y, radius)
$vg->circle(400, 200, 50);

PHP VectorGraphics Circle Drawing


The ellipse() function draws an ellipse with the center at (x, y) and the specified radiusX and radiusY.

// ellipse(x, y, radiusX, radiusY)
$vg->ellipse(400, 200, 50, 100);

PHP VectorGraphics Ellipse Drawing


I've honestly only used arcs to draw pie charts, so thats what im going to focus on in this example.

// arc(cx, cy, radius, startAngle, endAngle, direction)
// CCW = Counter Clockwise
$vg->arc(700, 200, 50, 0, 3.14, VGContext::CCW);

Again this can be utilized to draw pies! Here is an example of how to draw a circular progress indicator.

$cx = 400;
$cy = 200;
$radius = 50;
$progress = 0.5; // 50%
$startAngle = -M_PI * 0.5; 
$endAngle = $startAngle + (M_PI * 2 * $progress);

$vg->moveTo($cx, $cy);
$startX = $cx + $radius * cos($startAngle);
$startY = $cy + $radius * sin($startAngle);
$vg->lineTo($startX, $startY);
$vg->arc($cx, $cy, $radius, $startAngle, $endAngle, VGContext::CW);

PHP VectorGraphics Arc Drawing


If you want to draw a custom shape you can simply issue a series of moveTo() and lineTo() commands to draw a polygon.

This will allow you to draw basically any shape you want. Here is an example of how to draw a star.

PHP VectorGraphics Polygon Drawing

$vg->moveTo(400, 100);
$vg->lineTo(450, 200);
$vg->lineTo(550, 200);
$vg->lineTo(475, 250);
$vg->lineTo(500, 350);
$vg->lineTo(400, 300);
$vg->lineTo(300, 350);
$vg->lineTo(325, 250);
$vg->lineTo(250, 200);
$vg->lineTo(350, 200);

// draw some eyes
$vg->circle(400 - 30, 230, 10);
$vg->circle(400 + 30, 230, 10);