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Creates a window and its associated context.

function glfwCreateWindow(int $width, int $height, string $title, ?\GLFWmonitor $monitor = \NULL, ?\GLFWwindow $share = \NULL) : \GLFWwindow

This function creates a window and its associated OpenGL or OpenGL ES context. Most of the options controlling how the window and its context should be created are specified with window hints.

Successful creation does not change which context is current. Before you can use the newly created context, you need to make it current. For information about the share parameter, see context_sharing.

The created window, framebuffer and context may differ from what you requested, as not all parameters and hints are hard constraints. This includes the size of the window, especially for full screen windows. To query the actual attributes of the created window, framebuffer and context, see @ref glfwGetWindowAttrib, glfwGetWindowSize and glfwGetFramebufferSize.

To create a full screen window, you need to specify the monitor the window will cover. If no monitor is specified, the window will be windowed mode. Unless you have a way for the user to choose a specific monitor, it is recommended that you pick the primary monitor. For more information on how to query connected monitors, see monitor_monitors.

For full screen windows, the specified size becomes the resolution of the window's desired video mode. As long as a full screen window is not iconified, the supported video mode most closely matching the desired video mode is set for the specified monitor. For more information about full screen windows, including the creation of so called windowed full screen or borderless full screen windows, see window_windowed_full_screen.

Once you have created the window, you can switch it between windowed and full screen mode with glfwSetWindowMonitor. This will not affect its OpenGL or OpenGL ES context.

By default, newly created windows use the placement recommended by the window system. To create the window at a specific position, make it initially invisible using the GLFW_VISIBLE window hint, set its position](window_pos) and then [show it.

As long as at least one full screen window is not iconified, the screensaver is prohibited from starting.

Window systems put limits on window sizes. Very large or very small window dimensions may be overridden by the window system on creation. Check the actual size after creation.

The swap interval is not set during window creation and the initial value may vary depending on driver settings and defaults.

  1. int $width The desired width, in screen coordinates, of the window. This must be greater than zero.
  2. int $height The desired height, in screen coordinates, of the window. This must be greater than zero.
  3. string $title The initial, UTF-8 encoded window title.
  4. ?\GLFWmonitor $monitor The monitor to use for full screen mode, or NULL for windowed mode.
  5. ?\GLFWwindow $share The window whose context to share resources with, or NULL to not share resources.



This documentation page is prased from the glfw3.h header file, and only modified to fit the PHP-GFLW extension bindings. The original documentation copyright is as follows:

Copyright (c) 2002-2006 Marcus Geelnard
Copyright (c) 2006-2019 Camilla Löwy