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The glActiveShaderProgram function is used to set the active program object for a program pipeline object. This function takes two integer arguments $pipeline and $program. The pipeline parameter specifies the program pipeline object, and the program parameter specifies the linked program to be the active program.

function glActiveShaderProgram(int $pipeline, int $program) : void

Here is an example usage of glActiveShaderProgram:

$program = glCreateProgram();
glAttachShader($program, $vertexShader);
glAttachShader($program, $fragmentShader);

$pipeline = glGenProgramPipelines();
glUseProgramStages($pipeline, GL_VERTEX_SHADER_BIT, $program);
glActiveShaderProgram($pipeline, $program);

Note that before calling glActiveShaderProgram, you should first create a program object, attach shaders to it, link the program, and then create a program pipeline object with glGenProgramPipelines. Also, make sure that the program object referred to by $program has been successfully linked. If not, GL_INVALID_OPERATION will be generated.

  1. int $pipeline Specifies the program pipeline object to set the active program object for.
  2. int $program Specifies the program object to set as the active program pipeline object pipeline.


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