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copy a one-dimensional texture subimage

function glCopyTexSubImage1D(int $target, int $level, int $xoffset, int $x, int $y, int $width) : void
  1. int $target Specifies the target to which the texture object is bound for glCopyTexSubImage1D function. Must be GL_TEXTURE_1D.
  2. int $level Specifies the level-of-detail number. Level 0 is the base image level. Level n is the nth mipmap reduction image.
  3. int $xoffset Specifies the texel offset within the texture array.
  4. int $x Specify the window coordinates of the left corner of the row of pixels to be copied.
  5. int $y
  6. int $width Specifies the width of the texture subimage.


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