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Genetic Car Pathfinding

Genetic algorithms are aweomse, to be fair they are quite close to just brute forcing a solution but they work and most importantly they are fun to watch. Also they are easy to understand and implement.

Genetic Car Pathfinding Example (PHP-GLFW VG)

Run this example:

php examples/vg/ml_genetic_cars.php


 It would be an easy fix, but im lazy. Sometimes a obstacle will spawn where the cars spawn and they will die instantly. 
 Just restart the simulation if that happens.


  • Space: Toggle VSync on or off. The simulation will just run as fast as possible when VSync is off.
  • D: Toggle display labels on or off. Labels provide additional information about the cars in the simulation.
  • B: Toggle rendering mode between all cars and only the best-performing car.
  • P: Dump the instructions of the best-performing car. This outputs the specific instructions that guide the car's behavior.