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Returns whether the Vulkan loader and an ICD have been found.

function glfwVulkanSupported() : int

This function returns whether the Vulkan loader and any minimally functional ICD have been found.

The availability of a Vulkan loader and even an ICD does not by itself guarantee that surface creation or even instance creation is possible. Call @ref glfwGetRequiredInstanceExtensions to check whether the extensions necessary for Vulkan surface creation are available and glfwGetPhysicalDevicePresentationSupport to check whether a queue family of a physical device supports image presentation.


int GLFW_TRUE if Vulkan is minimally available, or GLFW_FALSE otherwise.


This documentation page is prased from the glfw3.h header file, and only modified to fit the PHP-GFLW extension bindings. The original documentation copyright is as follows:

Copyright (c) 2002-2006 Marcus Geelnard
Copyright (c) 2006-2019 Camilla Löwy