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Returns whether raw mouse motion is supported.

function glfwRawMouseMotionSupported() : int

This function returns whether raw mouse motion is supported on the current system. This status does not change after GLFW has been initialized so you only need to check this once. If you attempt to enable raw motion on a system that does not support it, GLFW_PLATFORM_ERROR will be emitted.

Raw mouse motion is closer to the actual motion of the mouse across a surface. It is not affected by the scaling and acceleration applied to the motion of the desktop cursor. That processing is suitable for a cursor while raw motion is better for controlling for example a 3D camera. Because of this, raw mouse motion is only provided when the cursor is disabled.


int GLFW_TRUE if raw mouse motion is supported on the current machine, or GLFW_FALSE otherwise.


This documentation page is prased from the glfw3.h header file, and only modified to fit the PHP-GFLW extension bindings. The original documentation copyright is as follows:

Copyright (c) 2002-2006 Marcus Geelnard
Copyright (c) 2006-2019 Camilla Löwy